About us

Winson Company (「winson」) focuses on manufacture and trading of stainless steel products and household products, with more than 20 years experience in the field.

Winson has established a management office in Hong Kong and a wholly owned production facility in the PRC.

Our company has a sample room for easy purchase. From snack bar to five-star hotel, all kinds of kitchen utensils and tableware

Business Nature: Manufacturer, Export Trade and Wholesaler
Main commodity services:
Kitchenware – Crater, Peeler, Tongs, Colander, Funnel, Squeezer,  Measuring Jug , Potato Masher/Chopper, Garlic Press/Chopper, Steam Basket, Ladle,
Turner and Kitchen Tools Set….

Tea Series – Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, Milk Jug, Sugar Bowl, Water Pitchers

Cutlery – Knife, Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks

永勝塑膠五金廠 (“永勝”) 超過20年專業從事不銹鋼用具及餐具設計製造生產,配合自置廠房,精密儀器及完整堅實的研發團隊,產品獲得合作廠商的肯定。



廚房用具, 咖啡壺, 茶壺, 料理杓, 煎匙, 鍋鏟 , 夾子, 碗筷, 湯匙, 咖啡匙, 茶匙, 刀叉組等.

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